Patient Forms

ENT is going Paperless!!!

We have a new secure check in process called Phreesia, that we hope will eliminate paper waste, and provide a more secure and accurate way to enter your private information in to our system.

If you have an appointment with us, we will send you a link via your email or a text message. You will receive this link 2 days prior to your appointment. If you make your appointment for the next day, you’ll get the message the night before, and if you make it for the same day, you should get it within 20 minutes (If you don’t get the link, please call us so we can resend it).

Please take the time to click on this link, and check in at home or from your mobile phone prior to your office visit. This will save a significant amount of time, and make the process much easier!

Thank You for your patience as we transition into a better way of collecting data.

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