Our Physicians

ENT Associates of Alabama, P.C. is the largest Otolaryngology practice in Alabama with 7 locations, 15 physicians, and over 600 years of combined staff and physician experience.

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Dr. Morton Goldfarb
Dr. Jack W. Aland Jr.
Dr. Sheldon J. Black
Dr. Peyton C. Colvin
Dr. Howard M. Goldberg
Dr. L. Clark Simpson
Dr. Alice H. Morgan
Dr. Angela Blount
Dr. Bruce A. Morgan
Dr. E. Scott Elledge
Dr. Stephen Favrot
Dr. Patrick Owens
Dr. Christopher Clark
Dr. H. Baltzer LeJeune
Helen King P.A.
Fallon Wilson, P.A.

  • Dr. Clark Simpson-Secretary
  • Dr. Morton Goldfarb-Founder & C.E.O. Emeritus
  • Dianne Williams-C.E.O.
  • Dr. Sheldon Black-President
  • Dr. Jack Aland-Vice President

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