Dr. John Poynor

In Memory Of Dr. John Poynor 1940-2018

Dr. Poynor joined Dr. Jack Odess and Dr. Morton Goldfarb in July, 1971. Later that year, he left to serve with the U.S. Air Force for two years. Returning in the fall of 1973, he renewed his association with E.N.T. Associates and continued to primarily be interested in general E.N.T. problems that children and adults experience. His outside interests focused on elementary, secondary, college and post-graduate education – from reading to first grade students at Hill School near Legion Field to serving on the board at Highlands School; alumni boards at Indian Springs School and Washington and Lee University, and the Admissions Committee to the University of Alabama School of Medicine. The Mountain Brook Library Foundation and the Birmingham Museum of Art boards also are commitments which were important to Dr. Poynor as a source of pleasure and a chance of giving back to the community.

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